The shopping in Mexico City is incredible. If you don't have time for all the stores we liked, our travel correspondent highlighted four picks at the top of this page. Our favorite shopping neighborhood was Polanco, but there are great boutiques in the neighborhoods of Condesa and Roma too.  Addresses in Mexico City are typically given as the street name and then number, which we followed to easily copy and paste into your GPS. For souvenir shopping, go straight to La Cuidadela. And remember to hit an ATM (at a bank, of course) before heading there.


Iker Ortiz

editor's pick


We actually spotted this jewelry maker's designs at Zona Maco before officially hitting up the city to do some window-shopping. His designs fit in so well for an art show because these objects were eye-catching pieces of art, truly. Color and material play very well together in the different designs and audacious rejection of tradition make this line best suited for the bold city girl. 


La Ciudadela

editor's pick

Centro, Avenida Balderas x Calle Emilio Donde

The Trip Advisor reviews are right: come here for your Mexican souvenir shopping. The items are already reasonably priced, so don't worry about needing to haggle. The stalls we like most were in the back (from Calle Balderas) - there was a place with pop art knick-knacks with Mexican icons like Frida Kahlo and Lucha Libre wrestlers, a store dedicated to Lucha Libre with shirts, key chains and more, and a shop with large cotton totes with different designs of decorative calaveras (skulls). And behind the parking lot, you can take a look at artisans crafting away.



editor's pick

Polanco, Edgar Allan Poe 308 (one flight up). Cross street: Avenida Homero

This is where knowing the phrase "qué padre" comes in very handy. The items here are unique and well suited for the urbanite. Cañamiel is dedicated to showing items from independent Latin American designers. It is a lot of fun to browse the entire store, but the accessories really stand out. The travel-inspired jewelry from Cristina Ramella especially struck a chord with us jetsetters. 


Sandra Weil

editor's pick

Polanco, Emilio Castelar 185. Cross street: Calle Goldsmith

We didn't plan on visiting Sandra Weil in Polanco, but when we stepped foot inside we got weak in the knees. Tea-length voluminous skirts from the newest season greeted us first. And then we spotted the leather jackets with raw edges and ever so slightly puffed sleeve caps. Killer. What is remarkable about this line is that the pieces are so cohesive despite jumping between toughness and femininity. All items under the Sandra Weil line are made in Mexico.



Close By in Polanco:

Many wonderful boutiques share this block on Emilio Castelar (between Goldsmith and Moliere) with Sandra Weil:

Raquel Orozco - Super, super feminine. Floaty fabrics, statement jewelry and bold color combinations. 

Yakampot - This is a cool boutique with clothes of unconventional shapes and textures. Ideal for someone looking for something a bit avant-garde.

Lago DF - Very hip store with women's and men's clothing and accessories, all from different Mexican brands. We liked the leather goods from Robin Archives in particular.

Paolo Angelucci - Come to this leather accessories store early in your trip if you are interested in getting something specialized for yourself or as a present.

Room Service - This boutique across the street has sleepwear and luxe lingerie from Natori and L'Agent, among others. 



Antara Fashion Hall

Polanco, Avenida Ejército Nacional 843. Cross street: Avenida Moliere

We were planning on avoiding shopping malls, but curiosity got the best of us. Most of the stores at Antara are available in the United States, and it was very difficult to resist picking up a few things at Zara and Sephora thanks to the favorable exchange rate (hello $25 Zara pants!). Plus, entering this Sephora is like stepping into the fanciest Apple store on the planet. BUT there are many great Latin American and European brands that don't have a presence in the US. 

Uterqüe - Zara's older, richer sister with a sleek aesthetic. 

Marella - The chic, sporty younger sister of MaxMara. 

Pantera - A Mexican label specializing in leather accessories and enviable home goods.

Purificatión García - The elegant clothing and accessories here are aimed at the stylish professional.  



Bobbi Boutique

 Roma, Colima 110. Cross street: Calle Mérida

A fun shopping destination that has something for everyone. Mexican brands rub sleeves with designers from around the world in Bobbi Boutique. You can grab a tulle skirt, a biker jacket or a colorful tote while you are here. 




Roma, San Luis Potosí 92. Closest cross street: Calle Monterrey

This tiny storefront is packed with one-of-a-kind feminine pieces with details such as lace, bold prints and bright colors. Don't miss the statement accessories - the chilly nights almost tempted us to pick up a pair of fluffy earmuffs. All of the designers Sibling carries are Mexican.



Carla Fernández

Roma, Álvaro Orbregón 200. Cross street: Calle Monterrey

The pieces under this label was entirely made in Mexico - starting from the fabric right on through. Carla Fernández is one of the most successful designers in Mexico because she adds urban eccentricities to rural Mexican tradition. And on top of that, she is also an author. We absolutely adore the jackets and ponchos. 




Condesa, Amsterdam 285. Closest cross street: Sonora

Most items in this boutique are under the Dafrehica line, but all other brands are also from Mexican designers. The clothes are mostly minimalist chic and the home accessories are just so freakin cute. 



Other Condesa Boutiques:

Velvet Oak Trend Lab, Mazatlán 138. This is a youthful store that has quite a few seductive pieces sprinkled about. Most items are from the namesake store's brand, but other Mexican designers are features here too.

Rapsodia, Tamaulipas 88. This Latin American chain is great if you are looking for bohemian feminine pieces. There are dresses and jackets spiced up with folk embellishments and tops heavy with intricate beadwork.


Vanitas Bazar

Independent clothing, accessories, and beauty vendors sell their wares at this weekend bazaar. Check their facebook page for locations.


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